The prices of a medical insurance are not a fixed value, as they vary according to various factors.

This article will tell you about the most important aspects that determine the prices of a health insurance in Spain.

Age: Generally, the older the insured is, the higher the premium will be.

The type of coverage: The price also depends on the type of coverage you wish to contract, if you want basic coverage insurance that for example only covers hospitalizations and complex procedures, or if you want your insurance to also have coverage for medical consultations, pharmacy, or other health services.

Copayments: When hiring insurance, it is also important to know its copayment structure (that is, if you must cover a small part of the total costs that are generated). The way in which this affects the prices of medical insurance is that generally the most accessible monthly insurance usually implies a higher copayment and vice versa.

Reimbursement: Another variable that affects the prices of medical insurance is if you wish to take out a health insurance that reimburses you for expenses. This type of products gives you the freedom to choose the healthcare center and the medical professional of your choice, since the insurance will reimburse you a percentage of the medical expenses. This type of insurance has a higher premium than the rest.

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