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What tests and services would cover me having a pre existing condition?

The existing pathologies of the client prior to the date of contracting the product are called preexistence.

The procedure is as follows:

  • In case that the client has suffered something prior to hiring of the health insurance, he declares it.
  • The health policy remains in pending status.
  • An English speaking doctor will call the client to assess the pathology.
  • Once evaluated, the client will be informed if any coverage is limited or if he is entitled to have 100% of the services.
  • At that time the client can decide if he wants to continue or if he wants to reject the health insurance. There are no costs if the client decide to reject the health insurance.
What do I have to do if I want to have physiotherapy sessions?
You need a medical prescription from a traumatologist to receive physiotherapy sessions.
Do I have coverage abroad? What should I do if necessary?

The health insurance includes coverage in case of emergency due to illness or accident abroad, up to a limit of €10,00 or €12,000 for medical expenses, per person and year, in case of illness or accident in any country in the world.

If you need this service, you have to call the Foreign Assistance (Asistencia en el Extranjero) telephone number that you will find on the back of your card. You will not have to pay for this call.

If a doctor prescribes a test, what do I have to do? Do you have to authorize it? What happens if I get tested at a facility that is not in the medical chart? Is it refundable?
There are tests that needs authorization from Sanitas. In that case, you can request authorization through us.

Sanitas plans that offers coverage inside the Sanitas network do not offer a guarantee of reimbursement of medical expenses, so you would have to perform the test within our medical network.

If I need to make an appointment, can I go to any medical center and any specialist I want?

You can choose from more than 45,000 medical professionals and more than 1,200 healthcare centers nationwide inside the Sanitas network.

Some other Sanitas products have, in addition, a money-back guarantee if you go to a center outside the Sanitas network, up to certain economic limit established in the policy plan.

Do I have any type of dental coverage within my health policy?

It includes Dental 21. Sanitas Dental 21 is a dental supplement included in your Sanitas health insurance with which you have more than 30 dental services included in the policy and also a series of services with franchised prices with an average saving of 21%.

From what moment can I use my policy?
The waiting periods indicate the time that elapsed between the discharge of the health insurance and the possibility of requesting certain services.

Most of the services do not require waiting periods and you will be able to use them from the first day, such as visits to GP’s or specialists, emergency or performing different simple diagnostic tests such as blood tests, X-ray, ultrasound and so on.

The waiting periods are:

  • Hospitalization and surgery: 10 Months.
  • Delivery or caesarean section: 8 months.
  • Outpatient surgery: 3 months.
  • High tech tests: 6 Months.
  • Vasectomy and tubal ligation: 10 months.
  • Psychology: 6 Months
  • Complex Therapeutic Methods (interventional cardiology, hemodynamics; interventional radiology; radiotherapy; chemotherapy; lithotripsy): 10 Months
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