Promotion: 1 year of video consultation with your doctor. Now included with your insurance.


What is a video consultation?

Video consultation is a service of our health insurance company in Spain that allows you to talk to your doctor wherever you are. You only need internet access on your mobile, tablet or PC so your doubts and questions can be answered in a very easy and fast way.

We are closer than ever and that is why now, we put at your disposal video consultation with your specialists included in all our health plans in Spain.


Types of video consultation

  • Video consultation with medical professionals: Access to the video consultation service, connecting with doctors of most specialties in a comfortable and simple way, without the need to move.
  • Video consultation of emergencies: you can also make your general or pediatric consultations without an appointment.

Advantages of video consultation

  • The professionals who attend by video consultation are the same as those who attend our own and arranged centers.
  • Time saving because you do not need to go to the center.
  • They can prescribe a medical test or a prescription directly from the video consultation.
  • They can check the results of medical tests that you share with them.
  • You choose the doctor you want to connect with.
  • Receive professional advice and attention from the best advisers through personalized prevention and health care programs.

When to do a video consultation? 

  • Review of results: After a first face-to-face consultation, review the test results with your doctor.
  • Medication: Do you have questions about a medication?
  • Medical doubts: Do you have pain and do not know which doctor to go to? Do you need analytics?
  • Medical emergencies without the need to go to the medical center. 
  • Treatments: You can follow your evolution by video consultation.
  • Recommended doctors: Contact a doctor by video consultation, even outside your province.
  • Health programs: start now your program of Nutrition or Personal Trainer or Pregnancy or Psychology and so on.


Promotion of 1 year of Video consultation included. All policyholders of new product policies ( Mas Salud Health PlanMas Salud Familias Health Plan, Profesionales Health Plan, Primero Health Plan, Premium 500 Health Plan, International Residents Health PlanMas Vital Health Plan, International Students Health Plan.) with inception date in the period between May 1 and August 1, 2020 will have a free extension of their coverage consisting of the video consultation service in different medical specialties and 24-hour emergencies.

This video consultation service will be provided in the terms established in the general conditions of the policy and will be in force exclusively during the first year of the policy. For the second or successive annuities of the policy, if the policyholder is interested in continuing to enjoy the video consultation services, he may contract any of the digital add-ons our health insurance company markets for this purpose.



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