There are various reasons why expatriates need to renew their passports while overseas. Spain is an exquisite country making it attractive for all kind of visitors. Most expatriates come here to work, visit or seek permanent residency.

Whatever the case, it is common for expatriates to find themselves needing to renew their UK passports due to expiry, theft or damaging to facilitate their travel.

In such instances, you’ll only be hoping to have your passport renewed or replaced within the shortest time possible.

For a smooth process, there are a fair number of requirements that you need to meet first.

They include:


1. Supporting Documents

For successive passport replacement or renewal, you’ll need several supportive documents including;

  • You need your old/expired/damaged passport or any other passport for dual citizens
  • Digital or two passports sized photos
  • Right application forms, correctly filled in and signed appropriately.
  • LSO1 Form in case of passport theft or loss. Usually acquired from the Embassy:

All supporting documents must be attached to your application for a hassle-free passport renewal process. Seek advice from your government online in cases where some documents are missing. Otherwise; your passport renewal application will just be canceled.

For more information; visit:


2. Get an Emergency Travel Document

Losing your passport abroad can be a stressful affair for any expatriate. The confusion and trauma that comes with stolen passports can easily leave you stranded.

Particularly, if you don’t know where to start. In such an event; it is wise to report to the Embassy or British Consulate for help. While your Embassy would be the best place to acquire an Emergency Travel Document,

it is imperative to get a National Police report from the nearest police department. Be sure to get a crime reference number, and complete LSO1 notification form.

Upon successful application of an emergency travel document, you’ll be able to travel back into the UK as you wait to get your lost or stolen passport replaced.

To apply for an ETD, visit:

3. Referee details

In some instances, you may need to provide your referee details such as name, email address, phone number, passport number and date of birth among others in order to get your passport renewed overseas.

4. Printer

A printer can come in handy when renewing your UK passport overseas. You’ll need to print out your application form at some point.

5. Credit Card/Debit Card

To renew your UK passport, you’ll be required to make payments for all the applications you make. A fee of £100 applies for passport renewal. Such payments are only made through a credit card or a debit card for convenience.

Other forms of payment such as cash, electronic bank transfers, and PayPal are highly discouraged.

6. Private Health Insurance

Private health insurance is a key requirement for expatriates living, visiting or working in Spain. Get in touch with us for the widest variety of health insurance policies in Spain.



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