First about Health Insurance Spain

Expatriates in Spain know all about obtaining residency in Europe, the complications involved are numerous and can turn out nigh impossible for some. That’s why those who have obtained their residency permits deserve their congratulations, less so for those in Spain.

Because, let’s face it, Spain is one, if not the easiest country to gain access to in Europe. Nevertheless, now that you have passed the first set of tests, the next test is staying in Spain while achieving what you set out to do.

Second about Health Insurance Spain

‘Health is Wealth’ they say, and the same should hold true for us expatriate living abroad. Protecting our respective health should be our priority. Nothing defines that more than sorting out our health insurance.

The good news, is that Spain offers the outright best healthcare system in the world – another reason why Spain is such an Eden. – the system is run by monthly payments to cover for insurance.

Simply put, everyone residing or working in Spain is obliged to register for health insurance in Spain.

Third about Health Insurance Spain

The monthly social security payments are the foundation of health insurance in Spain. As such, most residents choose not to bother with private insurance in Spain.

Although, this decision depends strictly on your circumstances, and it’s inevitable that private healthcare institutions provide the quickest access to healthcare and facilities.

Also, recent complaints have been filed over the overcrowding of Spanish hospitals which has delayed response of the health practitioners, other complaints have revealed that this overcrowding problem has limited the nurses to offering only the basic treatment sets.

Fourth about Health Insurance Spain

The social security contributions are not meant entirely for healthcare, but they qualify you for it, which qualifies all employees and self-employed workers in Spain.

In addition, the spouses and children of workers are also entitled to health insurance in Spain, so far they also live in Spain.

Other people qualified for health insurance are pregnant women, students under the age of 26, people privileged to certain benefits, children, and state pensioners.

Fith about Health Insurance Spain

For employed residents, you need to first register your address on the ‘padron’ of your local town hall.

You will receive a certificate of registration (an empadronamiento) that you will need to submit together with your social security number (to be issued by your employer) to request for your healthcare card.

For self-employed residents, or employees who have not gotten their social security numbers, you should apply to your closest social security office (Oficina del Instituto Nacional de Seguridad Social), and will involve submission of your national identification card, your passport.

Alternatively, if you have an electronic DNI, you can apply for it online or just have your accountant complete the process for you.

Sixth about Health Insurance Spain

It’s somewhat predictable that citizen from countries that are members of the European Union, European Economic Areas or with Swiss identities are guaranteed free healthcare.

All they need is to get an S1 form from their country of residence. This form declares your entitlement to receive healthcare in other EU countries.

Seventh about Health Insurance Spain

If you don’t fall under any of the categories above, you can still register for health insurance in Spain by taking out private health insurance or signing up for a government-run initiative known as ‘convenio especial’ which also provides insurance cover, but for a less expensive scheduled fee.

Another option is to shelf the money to pay for treatments when the need arises.



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