Whether in Britain, Spain or Belgium, it is important to have a plan to safeguard your health status regardless of the country you are in. This is a topic of interest especially with the Brexit underway. Of course, we are hoping for the best outcome in the ongoing EU- UK negotiation.

However, it’s a good idea to be prepared for anything.

That means being prepared for limited use of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in some EU countries. The card which made it possible for citizens to enjoy the same cost health services as locals may have just come to an end.

For those British citizens travelling to Spain, the card may no longer be valid in a no deal exit hence the more the reason for a plan B health insurance system.

One of the solutions to still secure your health is to have a private health insurance. Apparently, Spain has made it a requirement for any expat wishing to apply for residency. Luck for you, insurance plans has some of the best premium offers.

More to this, having a private health insurance will be the best way to guarantee your health in any of the EU countries.

In addition to the private insurance, the government recommends its citizens to go the extra mile and seek the healthcare benefits in the EU country they reside in by registering for their health plans. It might not be as powerful as the EHIC, but it is worth to lift some of the burden that comes with health bills.

Another way to get past the sad news of no deal Brexit should it happen, is to have separate travel insurance policy. According to the department of health, this will make it easier for citizens to be eligible for healthcare in the visiting country particularly those with long term conditions.

Now even though the above remedies may not measure up to the EHIC status, they are worth adhering to for all citizens even student in any EU countries. This is the only guarantee for better healthcare amidst the ongoing negotiations.

Furthermore, should the deal pull through, there is no assurance of the EHIC being powerful as it was. Following this line of thought, the emerging health status for travelers may be disastrous.

Therefore, it’s time to consider a future without the EHIC.

That future starts with having a private health insurance, separate travel insurance policy and registering for healthcare service in the residing country.



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