BluaU, a step further in digital medicine.

  • BluaU, the digital health add-on that includes the most innovative benefits on the market.
  • Video consultation with specialists: all specialities with your usual doctors and also with the option to connect to your appointment with a companion, wherever you are. There are more than 3,100 specialists, who can also prescribe medication and diagnostic tests.
  • Same-day appointments available for the most common specialities.
  • 24-hour emergency video consultation in general medicine and paediatric care, without an appointment.

New benefits

Monitor your health2: a new way of taking care of your health.Through the Mi Sanitas app and assisted by devices, a medicalteam will monitor conditions, such as asthma, overweight orhigh blood pressure.

New benefit: Connect to your health: and now also available tolive a much healthier life. Open Mi Sanitas, connect your device(activity wristband, smartphone, etc.) and start taking careof yourself.

New benefit: We have reinvented dermatology video consultation:we have added the use of imaging and artificial intelligence fordermatology analysis via video consultation.

Vital sign measurement via facial imaging2: in just a few seconds, through the Mi Sanitas app and the mobile phone camera, you can take measurements such as your blood pressure, heart rate or stress level. If you have any questions, you can instantly ask a doctor via video consultation.


In addition, you still enjoy the following services:

Digital Health Programmes: nutrition, psychology, personal trainer…

Prevention digital plan: to help you to prevent diseases.

Pharmacy reimbursement: 50% reimbursement on your medicines (up to €200/year).

Home services: tests and delivery of medicines from the pharmacy.

All your procedures conveniently via the Mi Sanitas app and website:

  • Find a doctor
  • My medical reports
  • Authorisations
  • Electronic prescription
  • Make an appointment
  • Digital card
  • Prescription for tests
  • 24-hour emergencies without an appointment
    … and much moresanitas health insurance spain

Promoted products: the entire Sanitas Más Salud range, Más Salud Familias, Profesionales, Más 90.000, Premium 500.000, International Residents and Real Madrid.

1. Offer applicable to new insureds added to policies with an effective date between 01/10/2021 and 01/03/2022 for the products Más Salud, Más Salud Familias, Profesionales, Más 90.000, Premium 500.000, International Residents and Real Madrid, without the date these insured were added needing to fall within this period. New insureds on these policies will not have to pay the premium for the bluaU digital add on, which will be included for the duration of the policy, unless stated otherwise by Sanitas. Offer not applicable to group policies. New insured refers to anyone who has not been on another Sanitas policy in the 6 months immediately prior to the date they are added to the new policy.

2. These services do not comprise a medical diagnosis from a medical professional. Their purpose is to improve knowledge of overall wellbeing. They do not diagnose, treat, mitigate or prevent any disease, symptom, disorder or abnormal physical condition. Patients must consult a medical professional or emergency service if they believe they have a medical problem.



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