There are numerous reasons that prompt Brits to move into Spain and start a new life.

For these people, it makes sense to move in with the cars they had bought while in the UK instead of having to buy new ones.

Well, it’s a good thing to know that one is permitted to drive their UK registered vehicle on Spanish roads, provided that they meet the requirements.

The last thing anybody would want is to have their vehicle impounded and a hefty fine to top it up.

Additionally, others would want to have their UK registered vehicle registered in Spain.

Read this article Sanitas Health Insurance Spain on to discover how you can do so and avoid getting fined over 2000 euros.

Register your vehicle in 30 days

1. The first thing to put in mind is that if you wish to be a permanent resident of Spain, you have to register the vehicle in 30 days with the local traffic department.

People considered to be residents include those that own property, own a business, have children who go to school here or that have been enlisted on the padron.

The Guardia Civil is so vigilant that expats who have failed to prove their non-residency while driving their vehicle on Spanish roads have been fined on the spot.

For this reason, ensure that you register your vehicle soonest possible.

2. Two, you’ll have to fill some paperwork to get your vehicle registered. Additionally, there will be some import taxes that will be incurred, that is 21% if the vehicle is new.

If you have a secondhand vehicle, your tax will be based on the average market value and the level of CO2 emissions.

The tax bands range from 0% tax for those vehicles that emit less than 120gms every kilometer to 14.75% tax for those vehicles that emit over 200gms of CO2 every kilometer. The rates on the tax band are then applied on the vehicle’s original price. There is usually a reduction every year for up to 10 years. For instance, in the first year, a 20% reduction may be induced while 80% at the end of ten years.

3. Three, the vehicle will require an MOT, which in Spain is known as an ITV. If you have a right-hand-drive vehicle and you are keen on registering it, you might need the services of Gestor.

However, if you own a large right-hand drive van or any similar commercial vehicle, you cannot register/import it into Spain following safety issues.


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