Medical travel insurance allows immediate and quality medical assistance

We have no control over accidents happening as they are unforeseen. As we know, sometimes they can be serious and you may end up incurring huge hospital bills.

For expats, meeting medical bills might not be easy. That is why our health insurance Spain has offered a way for people to afford medical assistance through international medical covers.  

Those in the European Union countries and Switzerland have the European Health Cards which helps inhabitants and travelers to get medical attention. This system should not be taken for granted  as it has many advantages such as:

It guarantees medical assistance

Having international medical insurance or a medical travel insurance is an assurance that you will get the necessary medical services including surgical procedures if need be. All you need to do is contact travel assistance services to be given directions on the nearest hospital covered by your insurance. The line is a 24hour service meaning even in case of emergencies, you will be assisted within no time.

It offers reimbursements

In case you find yourself in a non-arranged hospital in an emergency situation, don’t worry. Just see to it you get treated and focus on recovering. The amount you spend can be reimbursed provided you submit a correspondence invoice once you get back to Spain.

It includes full medical services

Health insurance Spain covers primary care and with the right coverage, patients can see medical specialists, access medicine with the pharmacy coverage, hospitalization and gain access to diagnostic tests. So depending on your duration of stay, you can work out a coverage suited for you with your insurance advisor.

They are flexible

A student has different medical coverage from a tourist. Also, the mode of transport and activities you are involved in will contribute to your cover. That is why our private health insurance Spain has a flexible system that allows different coverage which suits different individual’s needs.

For the system to work to your advantage, a traveler needs to be transparent on which activates they are involved in, duration of the trip and all the necessary details important to the medical insurance.

In addition to the above, repatriation can be added to the coverage.

Travel medical insurance should, therefore, be considered when planning a trip abroad for whatever reason.

The insurance comes in handy especially for people planning a prolonged stay.

Do not underestimate the power of this coverage. Take the initiative and talk with your insurance advisor to find the best cover.



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