Spain is a beautiful country for expatriates. It is a nice place to go on a vacation, work and even reside after retiring.

One of the most interesting things about the country is that it has one of the best health care systems globally. Getting insured is all you have to do to enjoy the multitude of benefits associated with Spain’s health care.

By and large, all autonomos or people registered as self-employed in Spain are required to make monthly national insurance contributions for effective access to the best public health care in the country.

It is mandatory for autonomos to produce their European Health Insurance Cards whenever they need to access medical care. For those planning to study, work or move permanently to Spain, it is wise to invest in a private health insurance policy from a credible local provider with the best option being Health Insurance Spain.

With good private health insurance coverage, you’ll never have to wait for prolonged periods to get high-quality medical service. Interestingly; all those applying for permanent residency cannot be granted their wish without a valid private insurance policy.

You can either purchase a private health insurance policy with international coverage or limited coverage depending on how deep your pockets are.

The type of insurance policy you acquire as an expatriate will determine whether you have full access to full health coverage including hospitalization, preventive care, specialists, surgeries, accidents, emergencies, and general medicine or just basic ones.

After setting up your health insurance coverage, you should expect to be presented with a personal health insurance card. Resultantly; the card allows you unlimited access to various public and private hospitals and health centers scattered all over Spain.

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