British expats in Spain will need to apply for a trusted private health insurance. Especially now that the EHIC may be null.

In fact, all expats and not just the British need this. But to start with, you will need a Spanish national insurance number, NIE, for tax payment purposes amongst other things like applying for our health insurance.

The NIE number never changes once an expat acquires it. Its scope of use includes helping one purchase and insure property, buy a vehicle, get a business permit in Spain, get a bank account and makes it easy for one to register for Spanish health system.

Essentially, you can’t do without the NIE number.

For British expats making plans to be part of Spain permanently or temporarily, there are three ways of acquiring the Spanish NIE. These are:

Applying it in Spain

First and foremost, the local police stations are the best place to start. Some of the stations in Spain have offices that can handle issuance of NIE numbers. And even though you come across one without, it’s one the best places to get directions on how to go about it.

That said, you will need to have your passport, 2 copies of NIE form, 2 passport photographs and a document stating reason for your NIE application.

You will need to fill out the EX-15 form which you will then take to the police station together with the stated documents. In addition, you should be prepared to pay for the 790 form, which btw can be downloaded online from the official national police page.

Alternatively, the sede page is also a convenient way to get your NIE number. All you have to do is follow instructions and provide an address for your certificate to be sent.

Applying it in UK

The requirements are almost the same as if applying in Spain: a valid passport, photocopy of passport, 2 NIE EX-15 forms, 2 modelo 790 forms, document stating reason for application and for those who are non EU citizens but have UK residency, a copy of residence permit is required.

The forms can be filled at one of the two Spanish consulate offices then sent to Spain. The application while in the UK can take up to a month.

Applying it through a third party

For those who prefer using a third party, you need to grant them the power of attorney allowing them to make the application for you. Even your lawyer can be granted this power through a notary. In case the notary is out of Spain, they should have the Hague Apostille as part of the requirements.

It is that simple. Through these three ways, you can guarantee your health, own property etc. in Spain if you are a British expat. Take time to weigh the best option for you before making final plans.


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