Apart from the Health Insurance in Spain, one of the key issues that most expatriates consider before moving to any country is the schooling of their wards.

It is not just enough to think about the career progression and the pay check that will come with it. As a responsible parent, you should weigh the cost of moving your family to Spain.

How does the movement affect the education of your wards?

Instead of seeing the move as a curse, what if it’s a blessing.

What if your wards can pick up the language and use it to their own advantage?

However you see it. Here are the possible schooling options Health Insurance Spain has prepare that you can get in Spain and how to use it to your advantage. 

School type: Spanish schools are divided into three broad categories

1. State Schools

State schools are funded by the government.

While the central government funds the schools in collaboration with the regional government, the final say on the school is from the regional government.

As such, there is a need to be careful about such schools before enrolling your ward.

This is because the region determined the kind of language to be taught.

You must therefore be conscious of the language you want your children to be skilled in before you settle for a particular school.

2. Purely private schools

There are a lot of private school within the country.

While it is usually more expensive, a lot of expatriates enrol their children in these schools.

This is because the schools give more flexibility as to the choice that can be picked from.

3. Home school

Since it is not an organized school scenario it will be treated separately.

It is important for you to know how the school system in Spain operates before you make a choice.

Home schooling is not so common in Spain; it is however legal to home school your child or children.


Spain is a country that is doing well academically. This is evident from the envious position it occupies in different rankings. The major concern a lot of wards face is the language.

To ease the learning curve, you can mentally prepare your wards by having them take Spanish classes before you relocate. You can also time your arrival to be during the long summer break.

That way your children will have picked up the language for a couple of months before school starts. Alternatively, you can have them schooled in an international school where English will be the medium of communication.

In the long run, this may deprive them of the thrill of picking up a new language and learning extensively about the Spanish culture. The state schools also have special programmes to aid the integration of foreign students.

The typical Spanish school day is longer than most other countries. It is normal for a school child to go to school from 9am and return home at 5pm. There will be a substantial long break and long assignments too.

In all, you must be prepared to get your ward schooling right.


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