For the most part, travel insurance will cover your medical expenses in addition to flight cancelation and lost luggage.

However, there are incidences where travel insurance is limited. And when in such a situation what do you do?

The solution is simple, get private medical insurance.  We have made it possible for expats provided they are willing to be part of the system.

Private medical insurance is much expensive than you ordinary cover but its benefits are worth it.

Benefits like:

Access to digital health services

It’s not always. you are available to make it to the doctor’s office. Hence the private health insurance brings services to you through your mobile phone. Making appointments, getting results chatting with your doctors, and so on is done over the phone providing flexibility.

Access to a wider medical staff

First of all, health insurance Spain has several centers where their insurance cover is active. For the private medical cover, you can get access to most of these centers giving you a wide medical staff. Additionally, you have the liberty to choose the professional you want thereby building trust. You get to have a second medical opinion as well.

Quick medical care

Normally, you will go through a primary doctor before being referred to a specialist. This process takes time. The waiting lists are also another thing to dread without proper coverage. But private medical insurance provides a solution to all this.

You can consult with a specialist directly and diagnosis and treatment procedures are sped up.


Extensive medical assistance

With private covers, you can expect exclusive medical care and additional services. You can, therefore, get a customized insurance cover. Dental cover can be included as well saving you a huge deal (up to 30%) in oral hygiene and treatments. These additional medical services are the perks of paying extra to get private insurance.


Comfortable hospitalization

Being hospitalized will require your family members to support you and the level of comfort may speed up the recovery process. Consequently, private medical insurance gives access to individual rooms and there is an extra bed for a member of your family to stay with you so long as the conditions allow.


Special cover for self-employed individuals

IRPF exempts the first €500 for the premium insurance and there is unique coverage designed for self-employed individuals.

Medical care is easily accessible with the different insurance coverage even with the normal cover. But in case you want to enjoy the above benefits, be ready to part with some extra money and get in touch with us for an elaborate overview of the coverage. 



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