If you are thinking of taking out a private health insurance in Spain, you should appreciate its many advantages.

Having it would give you the peace of mind of always being protected against any medical problem that may arise in your day-to-day life.

Private health insurance allows us to have extra security in our health and a quick response to possible unforeseen events thanks to the coverage contracted in our policy.

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What are the Advantages of having Health Insurance in Spain?

1. Extensive medical staff, which allows us to go to the specialist we need in many centers within the health network. An additional advantage in this case is counting on its own hospitals and centers, adding an additional guarantee to our health insurance.

2. Speed in care and diagnosis: go directly to the specialist without having to go through the family doctor first. In this way, time and unnecessary paperwork are saved by effectively managing time and resources.

3. Digital Services: private health insurance adapts to you. For greater comfort and flexibility, you can carry out your medical procedures through your mobile, such as requesting appointments, seeing clinical results or consulting the medical chart. In addition, you will be able to connect easily and without traveling with your doctors, and make video consultations whenever you need to talk to them.

4. Free choice of doctor: within the extensive medical chart, health insurance allows us to choose the professional we want. This facilitates trust and comfort between the patient and the medical professional.

5. Much shorter waiting lists, providing faster diagnosis and treatment. A private medical insurance allows you to avoid waiting lists being diagnosed by the professionals that you decide.

6. Flexibility of schedules, with wide time slots for medical professionals so as not to excessively alter our daily commitments.

7. Second medical opinion from the most experienced professionals in each specialty, even if they are abroad. This second opinion can help the patient to make decisions regarding the pathology.

8. More comfortable hospitalization, both for you and your family. Private medical insurance usually have individual rooms, thus providing greater peace of mind to the patient.

9. Additional and exclusive coverage, which allows you to use your insurance according to your needs. Thus completing the health insurance to make it unique and tailored.

10. Dental insurance: Many medical insurances include dental insurance. Many others offer the possibility of hiring it additionally. It is important to bear in mind that this type of coverage can save us up to 30% on dental treatments.

11. Advantages for the self-employed: many health insurances offer specific coverage for the self-employed. In addition, the first €500 of the insurance premium is exempt from personal income tax.

It’s important to know the range of existing options and the advantages they offer us in the moment of contracting the health insurance in Spain. Although one of the most important aspects is the price, theoretically, we cannot forget the coverage it offers us.

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