Spain is a colourful place to live in, from the best of culture to the advantage of picking up the language.

It is no doubt one of the most sought-after destination for expatriates and tourists alike.

If you are looking at living in Spain for an extended period of time, these places are your best bet:


Looking to enjoy the best of Spain in one single place? Madrid is on your side. As with a lot of national capitals, Madrid is a confluence of Spanish culture. The capital is a multicultural marvel and as an expatriate, you will feel right at home. Whatever you are looking for, the capital has got it. First class transport and infrastructural facilities that is typical of national capitals. The Madrid wonder is that the city manages to make the cost of living fairly affordable. With a cosy climate which is highly tolerable, Madrid is an expatriate hub.


It’s very predictable that Barcelona was coming right after Madrid. The coastal city is not only a very commercial hub, it also a very entertaining city. The city is also one that is very rich in architecture, courtesy of Antoni Gaudi whose various architectural masterpieces litters the city. Barcelona is considered a capital in its own right, the people of the city are fiercely proud of their culture. You will definitely love the weather; it is pleasant all year round. The healthcare system is also great and once you have your health insurance Spain paperwork, you are good to go.


The jewelled city on the Spanish south eastern coast side holds a wondrous attraction for tourists and expatriates alike. The summer times are warm and even the winter period are slightly warm as well. The beaches are dotted with palms and the city represents one of the most picturesque places in all of Spain. The upside is that properties are more affordable than in the bigger cities and you can enjoy a fabulous weather at any time of the year. The culinary variety too is a wonder to relish and enjoy.


The third largest city in Spain is an exciting coastal city that is undergoing serious transformation. It is one of the most dynamic and desirable cities in the country. Known for its Paella, perhaps Spain’s most classy meal, the city is home to many. The city hosts a lot of colourful side attractions; festivals, carnivals and a market that houses the freshest of produce both agricultural and otherwise.


Relaxing, romantic and exquisite, Seville is the Spanish Paris and much more. The architecture is a wonder to behold as well as its flamboyant history and culture. Seville is easily the warmest city in all of Europe. It is also a city that prides in its night life; famous for its tapa, you can enjoy a good meal even late into the night.

Spain is an expatriate wonder, it is only those who have experienced it that can imagine it.

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