If you are self-employed the following needs of your day to day will be covered for you and your family in case of temporary disability or hospitalisation, with the following cover designed for you:

  • Payment protection: we will reimburse your insurance premium so that you only need to worry about getting better Exclusive Total Protection!
  • Physiotherapy at home Exclusive Total Protection!
  • Home delivery of medicines to avoid unnecessary travel.
  • Delivery of mail to your home Exclusive Total Protection!
  • Mobility guarantee: taxi service to help with travel.
  • Support with basic housework
  • Transfer of a relative to your home or of your children to a relative’s home to take care of them.
  • Tutoring at home.
  • Accompaniment of children to and from school.
  • Support with the installation of a workstation at home. Exclusive Total Protection!
Terms and conditions
  • Waiting periods: you will have full cover from day one if you purchase it along with your core product.
  • Health questionnaire: will not be required in order to purchase.
  • Age: 0-75 years.
  • Purchase: policy level, mandatory for all members of the policy.
  • Purchasable: First purchase or renewal of the policy.

The monthly premiums for this add-on are:

Per insured: +2€



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