The reimbursement add-ons give you total freedom to visit the medical specialist of their choice, even if they are not included on the Sanitas medical chart. There are various options, depending on your needs:

Limit of reimbursement (€)50.000100.000150.000200.000300.000
% of reimbursement80 %80 %80 %80 %90 %
Monthly premium17,00 €19,00 €22,50 €26,50 €31,00 €

If you are a foreigner living between Spain and a 2nd European country, check the options available to enjoy this cover abroad too.

Terms and conditions
  • Waiting periods: yes, those corresponding to the accompanying healthcare product.
  • Health questionnaire: will be required in order to purchase.
  • Age 0-64 years.
  • Purchase: individual, not mandatory for the other members of the policy.
  • Purchasable first purchase or renewal of the policy.

(Add-ons by the company must be purchased for all members of the policy).