Hospitalization compensation

You will get extra support at the most delicate times with 60,00€ a day in compensation in case of hospitalisation, in addition to other benefits.

  • Double compensation in case of admission to ICU.
  • 50% extra compensation if you admitted in a different region to where you live.
  • Help during convalescence of 50% for 5 days following hospitalisation for surgey.
  • In case of childbirth or caesarean, daily compensation for up to 6 days.
Terms and conditions
  • Waiting periods: 8 months
  • Health questionnaire: will be required in order to purchase.
  • Age: 0-75 years.
  • Purchase: individual, not mandatory for all members of the policy.
  • Purchasable: any time.

The monthly premiums for this add-on are:

Per insured: +2€



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