We provide the qualified support you may need in unforeseen situations such as hospitalisation or home rest due to illness.

  • Support with basic housework
  • Care for elderly people who are dependant or children under 16 or disabled people
  • Transfer or children under 16 or disabled people to a relative’s home
  • Accompaniment of children to school
  • Home delivery of medicines
  • Home pet care
Terms and conditions
  • Waiting periods: you can avail of it from day one if you purchase it along with your core product.
  • Health questionnaire: will not be required in order to purchase.
  • Age 0-75 years.
  • Purchase: policy level, mandatory for all members.
  • Purchasable first purchase or renewal of the policy.

Alternative option to purchase at any other time with a 2-month waiting period.



The monthly premiums for this add-on per insured are:

Induvidual/Payment by the employee: +2€

Payment by the company: +1€



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