The most asked and sold health plan in Spain is the Mas Salud Health Plan (Without extracharges / co-payments) which is a comprehensive healthcare policy of the highest quality and providing access to the entire medical assistance team of the spanish leading private medical company. It’s designed to cover all your needs in Spain and it’s the one you need if you want to apply for residency. 

Beside that, there are a wide range of health plans or add-ons you can include in the coverage.

So for example…the reimbursement add-ons give you total freedom to visit the medical specialist of their choice, even if they are not included in our medical chart. There are various options, depending on your needs.

In this case, the client pays the medical costs and our health insurance company subsequently reimburses between 70% and 90% of the costs, depending on the limits set for each health insurance.

The particularity of reimbursement health insurance is that you can go to doctors or centers that do not belong to our network, both in Spain and abroad.

Apart from the mentioned Mas Salud Health Plan (it’s the most asked and sold plan) there are plans already designed for people interested in having mundial assistance. This plans are  International Residents Health Plan and Premium 500,000 Health Plan.




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