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Are you looking for a Health Insurance in Spain?

We are the leader in health insurance in Spain. So you can be sure you will be well attended, from prevention to cure, wherever you are in Spain.

Our health insurance offers:

The Most Complete Healthcare

  • Primary care and specialist consultations: paediatrician, dermatologist, ophtalmologist, gyneacologist, etc.
  • Diagnosis test: ultrasound, blood/urine test, x-rays, etc.
  • Therapeutic methods: physiotherapy sessions, oncology treatment, etc.
  • Surgical operations that require or do not require admittanche or stay in hospital.

Exclusive Benefits

  • Exclusive network of English-speaking healthcare professionals.
  • Telephone customer service in English
  • Documentation in English

All over Spain

  • More than 40.000 professionals and more than 1200 medical centres, including the most important centres nationwide.
  • La Zarzuela and La Moraleja Sanitas Hospitals in Madrid
  • CIMA Hospitals in Barcelona
  • 19 Multispecialty Milenium centres
  • More than 150 Milenium Dental Clinics

More Advantages and Services

  • Sanitas 24 h: telephone service for emergencies and medical advice.
  • Sanitas Responde: telephone and online medical attention and advice programme.
  • Second medical opinion: obtaines from world-renowned specialists.
  • Emergency attention on overseas trips.
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